This is our packaging for retail with barcode and nutrition facts.


We are offering it for 5$ a bag wholesale from us.

Easily sell the bags in your store for 7.99$ - 8.99$ and make 33% - 44% profit.

Keep in the refrigerated section preferably next to prosciutto or specialty meats as we keep the fat on our biltong. If you cant keep in the fridge section we can vac seal our product within the bag and it keeps for the same period :)


A specialty high end meat product that people love especially because it is keto friendly and truly addicting. 1 - 2 months shelf life. The best beef jerky on earth. Once you go biltong you dont go back :)

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Kilogram Wholesale For Butchers and Delis

We have been selling our kilograms of Biltong for 120$ to our customers 


Your price is 80$ which works out to .08 cents a gram . You can easily sell Biltong at 11-14 cents a gram 


For example we have been selling 100 gram bags for 13$  your profit margin is very nice roughly 35-40% 

You can slice/shave  these large pices into smaller ammounts for your customers in 100 gram increments. 

Keep refrigerated at all times , or keep frozen if you are storing long term.

Vac sealed for maximum freshness.

Traditional and Spicy Peri Peri Available :)

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