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It's like Prosciutto and Beef Jerky Had a Baby...Not Out of Love But as A Gift to Mankind!


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When we looked at other jerky products, we saw many sugars and preservatives added. We eliminated all these harmful unhealthy ingredients to offer you biltong that's 100% meat protein accompanied by prosciutto like fatty bits that melt in your mouth. 

You end up with soft fatty biltong that tastes like beef made and that's from high grade eye of round!

It doesnt stop there..keep scrolling theres more cool stuff below :)

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couldn't even start the truck before having a nip ! Absolutely delish ! mint for 4x4 snack

Willi James - Victoria B.C



We are a local South African family in the heart of Victoria B.C. During a global pandemic we needed to keep busy. Cooking was something we knew and loved. We decided to start making biltong which is very popular in South Africa. Most jerky available is full of sugar and preservatives and doesn't taste like real meat. Biltong trumps traditional jerky because of its prosciutto like quality, fatty bits and special blend of spices that leave your taste buds yearning for more.


We wanted to share this healthy delicacy with Canadians and decided to offer it on Facebook marketplace. The response was amazing and we struggled to keep up with orders. We are now fully licensed and working with small local stores as well as selling locally at farmers markets and pop up shops around the city. We hope to share this amazing beef jerky with the world.


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Packaging and Shipping

We understand that food safety is a priority and take all measures possible to ensure you receive a quality and safe product. Some our policies include:

  • Following all food safe policies.

  • Ensure a clean prepping surrounding environment and dehydrating equipment to avoid cross contamination.

  • Safe and clean handling and packaging of our products.

  • Products are Vacuum sealed and refrigerated immediately for freshness.

  • Product inventory is rotated in order to ensure the freshest product is delivered to you.

  • Shipped items will be frozen pre-shipping, and will be shipped to ensure freshness upon arrival.

  • We highly suggest placing sealed packages either in the refrigerator or freezer immediately upon receipt to ensure freshness and longevity of our products.

  • Should you have any food allergies, please contact us to discuss how we can accommodate you.

  • ***COVID-19*** We are happy to accommodate contactless pick up. just message us and inform us of your request.

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